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Tubbo boundaries

Tubbo, tommy, ranboo, billzo, aimsey, & quackity. Hyperfixating on billzo & tommy. Do not interact if.. Basic DNI criteria, you’re a nihachu fan, DTEAM fan (404twt, smiletwt), schlatt fanpage, minx fan, kaceytron fan, fundy fan, -11yr/+24yr old, irl shippers, attack people because of their hyperfixations (unless it’s boundary breaking), you follow nsfw accounts, anti of any of my favs.
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Tubbo also founded the Dreamon Hunters group alongside Fundy, and was a member of the Butcher Army alongside Fundy, Quackity, and Ranboo. ... He knows what he can and can't do and prefers to just stay within his own boundaries. He also is very lawful, knowing where his loyalties lie, and is a poor fibber when it comes to facing authorities like. • write for tommy or tubbo! they are minors! tubbo has also expressed discomfort for shipping and i don’t want to overstep any boundaries. You had rolled your eyes at the dramatics of your boyfriend but of course, you accepted to meet Tommy and Tubbo once again. Tommy X TommyX12. By FannWege. Its a joke btw.
basic dni criteria anti of any of my favs/subtwts • below 12 + over 21 (current moots are fine!) • break cc boundaries /poppytwt leaktwt ect/ • support problematic ccs (hyperfixations are fine!) TWS tag cc neg (specifically tommy and wilbur) tag derealization. cc’s ! ㅤ ㅤ ㅤㅤㅤ ㅤX: favs change a lot :) — tommy , wilbur ranboo , tubbo , quackity ㅤㅤㅤㅤㅤ: subtwts ! ㅤ ㅤㅤ ㅤX:.
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848 notes tubbo and the other one i haven't come up with a name for yet tubbo and the other one i haven't come up with a name for yet. tubbo and the other one i haven't come up with a name for yet Stream Tracks and Playlists from jschlatt on your desktop or mobile device This thread is archived TSM_Daequan streams live on Twitch! Check. Tommyinnit, Tubbo, Ranboo, TechnoBlade, Philza, Trixtin ... -Boundaries!-Please respect all my boundaries(/srs) Do not worship me or put me on a pedestal. Do NOT sexualize me or ship me with others, I am not okay/comfortable about it. Please do not ask any personal questions, and do not look for my personal information. Please let me know if I made a mistake(s) in DMs and.

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i only really watch ranboo/tubbo/aimsey :] i work at a preschool so some of my tweets are about that! Heart; dni if.. you support schlatt, cmc, connoreatspants, minx, manatreed you break cc boundaries if youre on fltwt/NSFWTWT/EDTWT ETC ETC. Heart; Made with Carrd.

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• write for tommy or tubbo! they are minors! tubbo has also expressed discomfort for shipping and i don’t want to overstep any boundaries. Find more awesome tubbo. English Partner. • dating wilbur and scolding tommy hc (wilbur x reader) summary: after tubbo insults tommy’s tower and tommy gets defensive, you and wilbur scold him.

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SiDENOTE! 🪐 when we are late on an update, please don't mention it in the replies. also, please respect all boundaries we put into place ^-^ ABOUT ! 🛁 feel free to dm us if tubbo's listening and we're not updating (it's super helpful if you're respectful about it!) there may be times where we respond to tubbo, other cc's or update accounts in a lighthearted manner.
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here is a masterlist of all of the members of the dsmp boundaries!.

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tubbo, aimsey, springduo, ... anti tubbo or aimsey. Basic dni criteria. in leaktwt/fltwt or you break CC boundaries. you're Becky falltubbo /j: Byf; im ok with pqrts & die jokes. I delete tweets often. I'm a c!tubbo, c!aimsey and c!tommy apologist. Dms over tl if urgent. i go ia at times.
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tubbo neg wilbur neg. Home; Right Chevron; main subtwt ! tubbotwt - wilburtwt - any subtwt w tubbo occasionally tweet about ! billzo aimsey tommy ranboo jack niki. other ccs i like ! freddie eryn max caitibugzz mints quackity gnf purpled. Left Chevron; Right Chevron; boundaries! - fine w die jokes, jokey insults, ratios - if you are uncomfy with anything i said please tell me in dm's !! -.
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Benchtrio Dream SMP LifeSteal SMP Tobias James "Toby" Smith (born: December 23, 2003 (2003-12-23) [age 18]), better known online as Tubbo (also known by his Java Edition username Tubbo_ or by his Bedrock Edition username aTubbo, formerly known as SuperManPower500, Blue Turtle, Spectrum_XP and OrphicTubbo), is an English gaming.

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The latest Tweets from Tubbo (@TubboTWO). 🏳️‍🌈 Friend of Jack Manifold Tubbo's alt Twitter!.
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Tubbo unfastened his cooking apron and scrunched it into a ball in his hands. “Let’s do it.” Ranboo said, all of his worries washing away in an instant. The meal ended up being superb. Ranboo, who seemed unable to turn down Tubbo’s plentiful offerings of a meal he called ‘far-too-much-food’, slowly, pissedly staggered down the hill back towards the burger van where.

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A card of multiple cards that state each dream smp members personal boundaries basically click on any picture/smile to take you back to the previous page. Card 1 contains the boundaries of the following: Dream George Sapnap BadBoyHalo Quackity Karl Wilbur Niki Tommy Tubbo. Card 2 contains the boundaries of the following: Ranboo Purpled Foolish.

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my boundaries / things to know; every cc i support is not free from being held accountable, but i am not on twitter 24/7. if something were to happen, i will definitely post about it and update my carrd accordingly. i typically like receiving feedback & information through dms rather than public tweets because it makes me anxious having non-moots @ me.
LIKES!: video edits, reading, fan fics, yt, drawing, music, reaction vids, podcasts, twitch DISLIKES!: strong smells, loud arguments etc.
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Ranboo, Tubbo and Tommy if you do not want to read about that. Includes: Shipping NSFW Fanfictions Antfrost Antfrost is not okay with shipping. He states that "Red (his boyfriend) wouldn't like that", and is generally uncomfortable with the idea of being shipped in itself. Do avoid shipping Antfrost with anybody. No information on NSFW.

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Treehugger is the only modern sustainability site that offers advice, clarity, and inspiration for both the eco-savvy and the green living novice.

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Absent or vague boundaries make us walk the extra mile and tolerate everything under the sun just to feed on scraps of attention, approval, praise, and love. And that's not a good thing, is it?.

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About Tubbo Tommy X Fanfic . Contact Tommy Turbo and The Turbervilles on Messenger. victory was sweet, like the old honey. He is one of Canada's most beloved design. See, that's what the app is perfect for. "Tommy," Newt panted in between kisses. Tubbo n Tommy. my story fanfiction dream smp dream smp fic borrower au dsmp tommy dsmp techno dsmp tubbo mild angst tw.

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A card of multiple cards that state each dream smp members personal boundaries basically click on any picture/smile to take you back to the previous page. Card 1 contains the boundaries of the following: Dream George Sapnap BadBoyHalo Quackity Karl Wilbur Niki Tommy Tubbo. Card 2 contains the boundaries of the following: Ranboo Purpled Foolish. irl people is weird and possibly boundary breaking And I was thinking-is it's okay that I'm doing irl!Tubbo, Tommy, Phil, etc; in my fanfic? Or do I need to stop and either restart the whole fic or delete it? I'm sure it's just some person stating their opinion but I wanna check. 30 Jul 2022.
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no specific boundaries except dont be weird. Ranboo 🌌 Verbal protector 18 Ask :] Genderfluid Pan, ace Faitive of cc!ranboo and c!ranboo ~ yay: music, lemon demon, CATS IN LOVE, CATS, RACCOONS, FERRETS nay: fltwt, fruityduotwt, leaktwt, ~ Dont force to "act more like their source", You can seperate from his source but preffered not. Tubbo / Toby ☢️ Caretaker 18 He/nuke.
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The latest Tweets from Tubbo (@TubboTWO). 🏳️‍🌈 Friend of Jack Manifold Tubbo's alt Twitter!.

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Tubbo walked out the back of the Las Nevadas burger bar and bumped into Ranboo who was sitting on the hill. "Oh! Hi, Ranboo" Tubbo chirped as he dumped a garbage bag full of old food into the dumpster. ... was another person in his room he would've tried harder to contain his excitement as Wilbur crested the Las Nevadas boundary. "We. Tubbo’s Boundaries; Ranboo: Twitch; Twitter; Youtube; Instagram; TikTok; Spotify; Merch Website; Ranboo’s Boundaries; General Outline of Both Streamers’ Boundaries. Do not speculate, calculate or hypothesise about Ranboo and Tubbo’s personal lives. The streamers will let you know what they’re comfortable with you knowing. If they didn’t share a certain piece of information about.
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Tubbo boundaries. . Dream SMP Aimee (born: December 11, 2001 (2001-12-11) [age 20]), better known online as Aimsey (stylized as aimsey, also known as aimseytv, formerly toadallyaimee), is a Welsh YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and TikToker known for their Minecraft streams and collaborations.

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miri fronts most often if miri is not doing well please trigger out wilbur or niki tommy can front alone but its prefered someone triggers someone out with him.
Knowingly break any cc's boundaries Fltwt, clemtwt , fruitytwt , poppytwt Romanticize/sexualize age regressing. 🌌 MOOTS @qwexrealtra @hugmycelium. 🌌 Host: Scott (He/They/Times/Star/ Voi/ Aer/Music/Spark) 🌌 Co Host: Toby/Tubbo/Twig (He/They/Zoom/Bee/Pup) 🌌 Body is 15 🌌 We're fictive heavy 🌌 We have more alters than listed on carrd 🌌 Feel free to ask who said something if we.

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Born on 15 August 2004, Billzo is currently 17 years old and already has a huge fanbase online with over 17,000 YouTube subscribers. @billzo_ also has a Twitter following of more than 64,000 users and is a verified Twitch streamer with over 78,000 followers. The male gamer has revealed his sexual identity as bisexual and accepts any pronouns.

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c!Tubbo Ticci Toby DreamXD Raiden Ei Ayano Aishi ( + 10 more dm to know) Kins ! Bakugo Deku cc!Niki cc!Beeduo Vanny Sayu Qiqi Fandoms ! Dsmp / Mcyt Genshin Impact FNaF Yandere Simulator Creepypasta MHA / BNHA . D/A Info; uncomforts Fireworks loud noises (some arent that bad like clapping , loud music , screaming maybe) a lot of people gathered together Big.
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And while we're still on the topic, respect their goddamn boundaries. Before you write fanfiction or draw art see what they are okay with being drawn in or written as and what they are not okay with. Example: Eret, Schlatt, Tommy, Tubbo, etc aren't okay with shipping. Wilbur Soot doesn't want to be put in NSFW works, as do many other people.

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